Akazawa Oribako Workshop is a manufacturing company of oribako,
wooden boxes, and wooden products.

Oribako is a type of container unique only to Japan.

Presently, oribako containers are made of various materials for different purposes
but in the olden days, they were used exclusively as food containers.
Thus, wood was used for antiseptic effects to prevent food from spoiling
during the hot and humid seasons.

Today, the use of oribako is not limited only to contain food
but is used widely to package any important and meaningful items.

Since its establishment in 1972,
Akazawa Oribako Workshop has been persistant in making oribako made of wood.
This has not changed in spite of the fact that the trend veers towards paper or plastic,
disposable containers that can be mass produced.

Each and every one of our products is carefully hand crafted,
taking into consideration the aspects of safety and environment.

For example, in using colors, oils extracted from natural matters and lacquers are used.
The high quality glue used is formaldehyde-free.

Our fundamental standpoint at Akazawa Oribako Workshop
is to inherit the traditional Japanese art skills on the one hand,
while incorporating the newest techniques in order to bring out
the best features of the material and to continue making products of high quality.

Original wooden boxes for gifts, antiques, or any important items can be ordered,
starting from a single order.

Of course, with installation of proficient machinery, we are capable of taking orders
for mass-production as well.

With the combination of the traditional Japanese craftsmanship and the newest
techniques, we are certain to accommodate any orders.

Please feel free to e-mail us for further information.